3 things a girl must wear on her first date

The first date can be exciting, at the same time nerve-wracking as well. For a woman, the thing that most concerns her is what she is going to wear on the first date. Here are some tips for you.

Something simple and fitted

You shouldn’t wear much make-up. You should wear a dress that is simple and fits your body well. For example, if you are skinny then wearing saggy clothes won’t help you; and if you are chubby, then skinny clothes won’t look good on you. You should wear something that suits your body well. All you need to do is smile and look confident in what you are wearing.

Dress appropriately for the venue


You should select your dress after you know where you are going on a date. If you are going to an Italian restaurant, then you can’t show up in running pants and a sports top. This outfit will be more appropriate if you went to a park for dating or took your dog out for walking.

Wear good perfume

You should smell nice when you go on a date. So, you should put on a nice perfume so that the guy gets attracted to you. You should also be cautious of your breath. So, either uses mouthwash or put gum in your mouth before you go on a date.

Apart from all these the main point is to be yourself, look confident and always put up a lovely smile. Nothing attracts a guy more than a nice smile.